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Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Pneumatic Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

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Pneumatic Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Pneumatic Tyre Vulcanizing Machine Automatic thermostat: This machine adopts automatic constant temperature technology. Constant controlled heating elements maintain optimal temperature. Constant temperature and 7-minute setting of two heating modes allow you to choose freely.

The Automatic tire vulcanization machine area can be increased at will during use. It is suitable for repairing various inner tubes and crowns of tubeless tires of small cars. The vulcanization repair process cures the patch and inner tire liner to form a dense, sealed repair job.

Pneumatic Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

The tire vulcanization machine is specially designed for the thermal vulcanization of small car 145-275 tire wounds. The vulcanizing machine is equipped with functions such as automatic temperature controller, timer and pneumatic pressure device, and is equipped with replaceable sidewalls, tire crowns, and tire tires. Equipped with eight pieces of vulcanized plates, it can repair wounds in different positions of the tire. The machine is easy to operate, sturdy and practical, and is the most advanced tire repair equipment.

Pneumatic Vulcanizing Machine feature
1. Laser cutting, fine workmanship, zero error, ensuring the appearance and firmness of the product
2. This product uses international galvanized sheet, which has stronger corrosion resistance.
3. Master welders with many years of experience never miss every detail
4. Four procedures of polishing, dust removal, spraying, and baking are required to ensure the beauty of the product.


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