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Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Flipping Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Product Details

Flipping Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Flipping Tire Vulcanizing Machine:Mainly suitable for repairing various types of inner tubes, small outer tires and vacuum tires.
Tire Vulcanizing Machine:Equipped with power signal indication and short circuit protection. The upper and lower plates can be heated simultaneously or separately.

Flipping Tyre Vulcanizing Machine Flipping Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Flipping Tyre Vulcanizing Machine Flipping Tyre Vulcanizing Machine

Car Tire Vulcanizing Machine parameter

Model: S-T058-2

Product name: Flip over tire vulcanization

Sulfurization temperature: 145 ° C-160C

Power voltage: 110V/220V

Weight: 41.5KG

Sulfurization time: 3mm=10min

Sulfurization area: 100 * 80mm2

Packaging size: 62cm * 38 * cm * 124.5cm

Tire Vulcanizing Machine feature
1.This machine has the advantages of manual adjustment, flexibility and light weight, economy and durability, and is suitable for repairing various automobile tires.
2.Lightweight, self-contained design that offers portability and maximum stability.
3.The vulcanizing repair process cures the patch and inner tire liner to form a dense, sealed repair job.

Flipping Tire Vulcanizing Machine Product description
It has the feature of automatic temperature control, manual adjustment, high flexibility.
It is durable to use and can rotate 90°.
It can repair the tread, shoulder and sidewall areas of passenger tires, light truck tires, bus tires, bus tires and commercial truck tires without problems.

Hot Sale Tire Vulcanizing Machine Product Characteristics:
1. The machine with automatic thermostat, double-sided heating and upper and lower heating switch respective system.
2. The machine can be raised and lowered at any time according to the tire size.
3. The top of the machine can be rotated arbitrarily and positioned within 90 degrees.
4. The machine with 6 different size molds to fully meet your tire repair needs anywhere.
5. With a power-on signal and short circuit protection system.
6. The machine can be switched between 120 minutes of time and constant state of electricity.
7. We are packed in wooden box to ensure the safety of the cart.


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