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Tire Valve For Truck

TR600HP High Pressure Rubber Snap-On Tire Valve Stem

Product Details

TR600HP High Pressure Rubber Snap-On Tire Valve Stem

Rubber TR600HP Tire Valve Tube


Name: Black Rubber Snap Stem

Model: TR600HP

Color: Black.

Material: EPDM Rubber and High Temperature Brass:

Function: Stem Replacement.

Effective length: 1.3" long

Hole diameter on wheel: 11.5mm

Package includes: 50 x TR600HP valve stem

Rubber TR600HP Tire Valve Tube

Rubber TR600HP Tire Valve Tube

Premium Quality: These tire valves are built with high temperature brass valve cores and ozone resistant EPDM rubber, 100% ozone tested and leak tested

VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Snap-in valve stems for 0.453" (11.5mm) diameter tubeless rim holes, US standard, providing a safe tire system and safe driving, up to 100 PSI cold pressure depending on the industry standard, durable and practical

Easy to Install: With bolt-on design, these rubber tire valve stems are very easy and convenient to install, keep your tires inflated at a constant air pressure level and easily check PSI quickly

Wide Use: These tire valve stems are standard diameter, suitable for or most cars, heavy duty trucks, larger trailers, wheelbarrows, lawn mowers, ATVs and motorcycles

Size and Package: High quality TR600HP rubber valve stem, hole diameter on the wheel: 0.453 inch (11.5mm), 1.25 inch long (effective length) and easily fit to your tires; Package Content: 4 x Tire Valve Stem


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