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Tire Valve For Truck

Air-Liquid Valves For Agricultural Tractors

These 2.2in tubeless air and liquid tire valves are designed for farmtractor and road grader tires. Complete with valve core housing, This type tubeless tire valves offer a maximum pressure of 90 PSl
Product Details

Air-Liquid Valves For Agricultural Tractors

Max pressure: 90 PSlWidth : 0.95in
Length : 2.2inRim-Hole: .625" or 5/8"Qty: Each / Box of 50


Air-Liquid Valves For Agricultural Tractors Air-Liquid Valves For Agricultural Tractors

Air-Liquid Valves  Advantages

  1. Our products are 100% tested and made of only the highest quality materials
  2. Our factory is one of top leading manufacturers in China.
  3. Belong to clamp-in tubeless valves
  4. Cold, heat and ozone resistant
  5. All the products of stem are painted with chemlok
  6. We can produce any kinds of clamp-in tubeless valves according samples or drawing

Air-Liquid Valves For Agricultural Tractors Installation method

  1. Remove valve core and deflate
  2. Separate tire toe port and Unloaded from its rims
  3. Remove tire valves
  4. Clean the hole on the rim
  5. Check and make sure the valve core is screwed.
  6. Install the new tire valve from inner part of rims
  7. Install correctly and inflate untill it reaches the rated pressure
  8. Screw on the new cap

Air-Liquid Valves For Agricultural Tractors Notes

1 Different models of tire valves are suitable for different types of tires and vehicles, the valve can not be replaced when using.

2 Caution when using the tire valves, use a pressure gauge to detect; dissipate heat before inflating; keep clean to avoid impurities entering into the tire to influence the tire air pressure; using soapy water to detect leaks.

3 The tire valve has rubber material, it may age and have cracks after time, the general useful life is 3--4 years, similar to the tire, so we need to change the tire valves together with the tires.

4 Store in a dry ventilated and protected from heat exposure, anti-corrosion, no oil warehouse.

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