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Tire Valve for Car

Tubeless Tire Valves TR438

Product Details

Tubeless Tire Valves TR438

TR438 Tubeless Rubber Tire Valves for Car Wheel Tires with Dust Caps
- Effectively prevent unsafe factors caused by automobile valve puncture;
- Fastener design, easy to carry and use, easy to install;
- Suitable for steel or alloy wheels on cars, trucks and motorcycles;

Tubeless Tire Valves TR438 Tubeless Tire Valves TR438 Tubeless Tire Valves TR438

Tire Valve TR438 Installation steps:
1. Remove the valve core to deflate the tire;
2. Separate the tire tip and remove it from the rim;
3. Remove the valve and clean the holes and dirt on the edge;
4. Install a new valve from the inside of the tire;
5. Install the tire correctly and inflate to the rated air pressure;
6. Replace the valve cap with a new one.


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