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Tire changer machine S-T886H

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Tire changer machine S-T886H

The S-T886H tire changer features a dual-assist, tilt-back tower design, so it's outfitted with the industry's best and most powerful tools.

Tire changer machine S-T886H Upfront controls
Foot pedal controls make for hands-free operation of the turntable, and all pneumatic locks and switches are easy to reach.

Tire changer machine S-T886H

Tire changer machine S-T886H

Power supply voltage: 220 v / 50 ~ 60 hz

380 v / 50 hz. 

Power: 1.1 Kw

The pressure of work: 8 ~ 10 bar

Rim diameter: 26 "/ 1100 mm

Rim width: 16 "/ 410 mm

Net weight: 391 kg

Gross weight: 431 kg

Tire changer  S-T886H for car

1. Increased, thickening square pillar, pneumatic control pillar of forward and backward

2. The column beam six square steel, high strength 60 mm make equipment more stable when disassembling all kinds of tires, and durable

3. Automatic adjustment and double lock the mounting head device, ensure that the mounting head and rim reasonable clearance

4. Specialization and humanization design about power arm, for disassembling flat tires, tire explosion-proof (PAX) provides a more efficient service, the largest disassembling tyres sizes up to 26 inches

5. Professional design and special alloy manufacturing the mounting head and jaw, and provide free service for life

6. High precision automatic tire inflation system, give after disassembling the tyre is more fast and accurate

7. Big cylinder using aluminum alloy cylinder, put an end to happen the cylinder wall rust phenomenon, to ensure that the service life of large cylinder

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