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Tire changer machine 620C

Product Details

Tire changer machine 620C

Tire changer 620C 4 pedals: clockwise counterclockwise rotary switch, switch for intensify separation, separation of rim and tire switch

Tyre changer 620C Lubricating fluid: Contribute to tire disassembly;reduce damage during Disassembly; better finish tire disassembly work.

Tire changer machine 620C Tire changer machine 620C

Tire changer 620C parameter

Rim clamping from outside 11”-21”

Rim clamping from inside  13”-24”

Max wheel weight       350mm

Max wheel dia          1100mm

Operation Presure       0.8~10 bar

Power Supply           110/220/380V

Motor Power           1.1/1.0/0.75 kw

Net weight             265kg

Weight &Dmensions

Gross Weight           295 kg

L*W*H               1320*1020*1820mm

Tire changer- 620C characteristic

1.This machine using backward curved sliding arm, equipped with auxiliary arm.

2.advanced product design, rational structure, superior performance; suitable for disassembly thicker tires, flat tires. aluminum frame pedals, compact, durable, and easy maintenance.

4.Advanced stainless steel working head, thickening body.

5.Internal structure: shovel tire cylinders, diameter 186mm, more pressure

6.Equipped with the right auxiliary arm, height of pressing tyre can be adjusted.

7.Tire can be small to large full-disassembly.

8.Precision hexagonal steel slide makes the equipment not easy to damage.

9.Main Workbench: tires mainly dismantled on the bench. played a role of tire placement, and rotation so on.

10.Isolated arm:on the side of tire changer.using for tire and rim separation, and making remove the tire smoothly.

11.Deflation device: deflate the gas for tire disassembly smoothly.


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