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Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g

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Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g


Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g


Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g

  • Introduction: Part. No. TZ-14. Material. Steel/Iron/Fe. Size. 1/4 OZ X 12. Dimension. Length:6.1” Width: 3/4" Thickness: 5/32". Model. Adhesive weight, Stick on weight. Finish. Zinc plated / Plastic coated. Application. Passenger cars. Technics.

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g Description:
Excellent for use on all types of wheels and rims.
Engineered segments allow for easier adjustment to wheel shape when installed.
The weights are pre-cut and pre-sealed, with no cutting, no pre-contouring, and no waste.
It is pasted in good condition, it will not fall off.
It has 4 5g weights and 4 10g weights, total 60g each strip.
Used to balance all types of alloy wheels, suitable for car, truck, van, motorcycle.

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g

Description of Good

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g ; Weight Size, (5+10g)×4 ; Surface Treatment, Dacromet coated ; Tape, available with blue,Norton and 3M sticker ; Thickness, 3.8mm.

Item Number S-FE-001A
Material Fe(iron)
Weight Size (5+10g)×4
Surface Treatment Dacromet coated
Tape available with blue,Norton and 3M sticker
Thickness 3.8mm
Type stick on
Packing Unit 100strips/box

Fe stick on wheel weights 5+10g Advantage

1.Competitive price, Environmental protection, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. welcomed by all of the world, and suitable for all stratums.

2..Adjust the car balance,make the car more stable,prolong

the life of tires,shorten the emergency braking distance,improve vehicle confort and reduce vibration and noise of high speed driving.

3.Any situation on the road may have an impact on the tires and rims;such as collision to road station,high speed through the potholes road, easy to cause the steel deformation,then resulting in inaccurate wheel balancing.

4.Adhesive wheel weight has become the choice of Mercedes Benz,BMW,Ford, Volkswagen,Hyundai and many other manufacturers, Adhesive wheel weight have big market prospects,such as vehicle sales market, after-service market, and foreign market.

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