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2.5*12 wheel balance weight

Product Details

2.5*12 wheel balance weight Steel weights replace the old lead ones

2.5*12 wheel balance weight Accurate and durable with super-strength adhesive for a secure and long-lasting balance job

2.5*12 wheel balance weight

2.5*12 wheel balance weight's information

100% New Brand
Box contains 60 strips, 12 pcs per strip.
Superior adhesive tape, will not fall off wheel.
Excellent for use in all types of wheels and Rims
Rustproof coating outside / zinc plated inside
Lead ban compliant
To Use: Peal and Stick, no tools required.

2.5*12 wheel balance weight Product details


Size:2.5g*12 30g


Tape:blue,3M,Norton tape

Finishing: black coated


Type: self-adhesive

Certificate: ISO9001/TS16949

Packing:100 strips/box, 4 boxes/carton

2.5g*12 wheel balance weights To Use: Peal and Stick, no tools required.

The wheel balance weights has Zinc, Lead and Fe wheel balance weights

2.5*12 wheel balance weight

Wheel balancing weights, simply put, are additional weights used to maintain the balance of your wheels. When a vehicle is driving at high speed or turning, the imbalance in the tires will cause the vehicle to shake, vibrate or become directionally unstable, and may seriously affect driving safety. The function of wheel balancing weights is to solve this problem by controlling the center of gravity of the wheels to keep the wheels balanced, thereby providing a smoother and safer driving experience.

There are many benefits of using 2.5g*12 wheel balancing weights. It can provide a smoother driving experience, reduce the bumpiness and directional instability of the vehicle when driving at high speeds, and improve driving safety.

2.5*12 wheel balance weight

Shengshiweiye adhesive weight dimensions is wide 18mm.19mm,20mm and thickness 2.8mm,2.9mm etc.The adhesive wheel weights including many size .Such as 5*12,5+10,1/4oz ,1/2oz ,10g*6 etc.

Shengshiweiye adhesive wheel weights including many kinds of tape , such as blue tape ,paper tape ,white tape ,3m tape ,Norton tape etc.The adhesive viscous force for adhesive balance weights is very important .The high reliable adhesive viscous force is the base assurance for prevention adhesive weight falling out in the life of the wheel.

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