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Hydraulic Car Ramps

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Hydraulic Car Ramps

Hydraulic Car Ramps use Sturdy Material: Shengshiweiye car ramps are made of high quality steel, and the exterior is painted to prevent rust. The hydraulic ramp is durable and suitable for all under-vehicle maintenance and inspections.
Hydraulic Car Ramps the Maximum Load: Shengshiweiye heavy duty car ramps can lift 10lbs; The height of the hydraulic part can be adjusted within the range of 9.8 to 15 inches.
Hydraulic Car Ramps Easy to Maintain: Shengshiweiye heavy duty hydraulic lift is easy to install, use and maintain. It is an ideal choice for maintenance and is very popular with auto maintenance personnel.

Hydraulic Car Ramps Hydraulic Car Ramps Hydraulic Car Ramps Hydraulic Car Ramps Hydraulic Car Ramps Hydraulic Car Ramps

Hydraulic Car Ramps

Product Advantage:

  1. 1. Hydraulic Ram Hydraulic
  2. Made of high quality steel, painting,  Hydraulic Car Ramps is durable
  3. Portable- It is Portable for vehicle repairer

Hydraulic Car Ramps Product Description

  1. Material: Steel
  2. Capacity: 2Tons
  3. Packing: 2PCS/Set
  4. Capacity of Jack: 5Tons
  5. Max Tyre Width:  26.0cm
  6. Max height to the ground:  38cm

Hydraulic Car Ramps Precautions:

1, when used, the shelf is placed on the ground, can not be suspended! The lifting height is large! Make sure the wheels are on the ramp.

2, the novice is cautious to use, when using it, someone needs to be in front of it, and it is strictly forbidden to press on the ramp anti-punch.

3.After the vehicle stops on the ramp, the vehicle hand brake must be pulled to avoid the danger of vehicle shaking. can place something on the rear wheel of the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from going backwards.

5.If the product is found to be damaged or bent, which may affect safety factors, it is forbidden to use.

Our Hydraulic Car Ramps are made of heavy-duty welded structural steel and heavy-duty thick steel construction, which is more pressure-resistant and stabilizes the structure than plastic ramps, very strong and durable. Additional paint finish prevents rust and ensures long-lasting performance and durability. Whether you need to load heavy machinery, vehicles, or other equipment, working on a high-lift oil change car ramp is a breeze.

In terms of specifications, these Hydraulic Car Ramps for oil changes are equipped with two powerful 5-ton hydraulic pumps, allowing it to support weights of up to 11,023 pounds. The adjustable height range of 9.84 to 14.96 inches provides versatility for different maintenance tasks.

Our Hydraulic Car Ramps  ensure smooth and trouble-free loading and unloading. Thanks to advanced hydraulics, you can easily adjust the ramp angle to match the height of vehicles or equipment with an approach angle greater than 17°, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including MPV, SUV , low profile cars, light trucks, pickup trucks, vans and micro cars (short front end, high chassis).

Hydraulic Car Ramps  Safety is our number one priority and our truck ramps are equipped with a range of safety features, from non-slip triangles on the top level to safety interlocks to ensure worry-free operation. Our hydraulic ramp is built with a heavy duty 2 x 5T hydraulic lift, ensuring safe and reliable operation. This makes it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts, repair shops, car washes, tire shops and auto beauty shops. It has built a solid reputation among garages for its performance and reliability.

Hydraulic Car Ramps  For the safety of our customers, we strongly recommend that you follow these good tips: When parking your vehicle on drive-thru ramps, remember to turn off the engine, put it in neutral and apply the parking brake for added safety. Always place the ramp on a level surface without any protrusions to maintain stability and avoid accidents. Always make sure the wheels are on the ramp to avoid slipping


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