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Scissor Jacks

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Scissor Jacks

Scissor Jacks Stabilize and level your camper, RV, trailer, stay stable on soft surfaces due to wide bow tie base
Scissor Jacks Capacity: 6,000 pounds per jack, with the same material as other brands' 7,500-pound jacks

Scissor Jacks

Scissor Jacks Scissor Jacks Scissor Jacks  Scissor Jacks Scissor Jacks

Scissor Jacks

Stablizing and leveling your RV/Trailer, Remains steady on soft surfaces because of wide bow-tie base

Includes 2 steel jacks, 1 manual crank handle and 1 magnetic socket for power tool cranking, also include 8 pcs mounting screws hardware.

Capacity: 5,000 lbs per jack (Min. breaking strengh)

Extended height: 30", Retracted height: 5", Bolts or welds on

For RV stablizing and leveling purpose only, Never use for lifting, 

changing tires or supporting weight of any vehicles,

Scissor Jacks  Product description 

When the tire is flat or the car breaks down, you need a jack to help you solve these problems. 

This product is compact in structure, easy to use and easy to carry.

It only needs a few handshakes to lift your car easily. 

It is your best choice. 

Easy and simple use kit,

Extra wide base for extra capacity and stability.

When your car has an accident in the field, this portable little Jack can support your car and facilitate your inspection so that you don't have to wait for the repairman to arrive, which is a great solution to your troubles. 

1.Scissor Jacks
Scissor Jacks are built by thicker gauge steel,
Scissor Jacks never chasing cheaper cost by compromising quality.
2.Make Life Easier!
Included a free 3/4" magnetic hex socket
you can use the power drill to raise or lower jacks faster and easy!!
3.Everthing You Need!
One 11/36" drill bit for installation holes
16 pc 3/8" alloy steel self taping screws for pack 4 jacks or 8pcs for pack 2 jacks
One 9/16" matching socket for screws, make installation fast and easy
One set of drill guide sticker


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