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Wheel tire repair methods

For the tires that can be repaired, the following four kinds of tire repair methods are common.

1, plug the rubber tire. This is the most primitive way of a tire repair, tire repair method is to use a cone from the tie where the tire into it, to expand the wound, then do not expand the plastic plug does not go in, and then with a plastic strip from the wound Department stuffed in, then leaking out of the tape cut off, tire repair is completed. The principle is because the rubber tire is flexible, the rubber strip squeeze tight squeeze live, and maintain air tightness, plastic strip surface also can stick to the tire, can not keep falling.

The advantage is that the operation is simple, do not disassemble the tire, do not need to do dynamic balance, a few minutes you can get, the price is cheaper. The disadvantage is great, when the tire needs to expand the wound, the tire damage, and not durable, poor reliability, over time, there will be slow leak situation. Therefore, normal tire replacement is not recommended in this way, unless you have no other way to repair tires in the wild hills, emergency use is possible.

2, cold-fill, which is often said that the patch method. This is the more mainstream method, more applications, with the same method of making up the bicycle. The method of operation is to remove the tire from the car, and then remove the tire from the wheel with a grilled tire, locate the tire tie, grind it, and finally affix the film.

Advantages are more durable, higher reliability, the price is not expensive, dozens of dollars will be able to get the patch quality is also good or bad points. The downside is that because the tire is simply stuck to the inside of the tire, there is nothing to fill in the outside of the tire and there is a hole in the tire. This place is very fragile so it would be very easy if there was a sharp stone just touching it Cause damage. Tire pressure to corrosive things, such as oil, acid rain, etc., will go along the hole directly into the tire patch and tire corrosion inside the rubber, causing damage to the tire.

3, mushroom nail tire, also known as plastic nails. The method of repairing the tire is the same as that of the above method. The only difference is that the material of the tire is not the same. The material has a rubber tail in the center of the film in addition to a film of the same type, Like a small mushroom, like a tack. Tire addition to the film in addition to stick the tail of the rubber strip also wear out from the inside of the tire, wear to the outside of the tire, and then subtract the excess. This reliability is very high, but also the perfect solution to the cold-deficient, tied at the middle of the tire to fill things up, the hole is blocked. Is the price more expensive, cheaper than a hundred.

4, fire make up. This method is actually not too practical, because the operation is complicated, too time-consuming. Operation is also the same as the cold-fill method, there is also a film, but the film is not affixed to the end of the matter, you need to use a heating device to bake, the patch baked, let it melt into the tire inside the wound, after cooling , And tire integration, the highest reliability. However, because of the high technical requirements for construction, and time-consuming, poor operation is very easy to lose the tire, so many tire shop will not give up.

Finally, for the average family car tires, cold patch film method can be the most economical; if the tire is more expensive and relatively new, you can consider mushroom nail tire repair. No matter what kind of tire repair, tire balancing must make to do a lot of tire shop operations are not standardized, make up the end do not do dynamic balance, loading directly to you. If the balance of the tire is too poor, the car will tremble at high speed, so the dynamic balance must be done.


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