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How to do car tire balancing?-1

Now as long as a car's friends know that the dynamic balance of this familiar word. What is the dynamic balance? In short, the overall stress of the tire is uneven, when the car tires at high speeds will feel jittery or square plate vibration. So long-term solution is very likely to make irreparable mistakes. In fact, in the discovery of such minor factors of insecurity should be promptly corrected.

Just pay attention to your car friends will pay attention to their own car wheel hub edge with one or more pieces of different sizes of lead. Some of these lead blocks will be on the inside of the hub and some will be on the outside of the hub. In fact, we can not underestimate these lead pieces as they play a very important role in the stability of our car tires. Especially when we replace the new brand tires, we need to be balanced in order to install the money.

How should we make a dynamic balance for everyone's car? How do we check whether we operate correctly? Now we simply tell you the next. Dynamic balance of the process!

First remove the LOGO, the dynamic balancer on the wheel, and then fixed. Take the ruler on the balancer for measurement and measure the distance between the balancer and the hub. Then enter this value into the first controller.

Second, take out the curved ruler, used to measure the width of the hub, the value of the input to the second controller.

Finally, look at the sidewall of the tire tire directly, the value of the diameter is also lost in the controller, press the start key. Start testing. These things should be done before we formally test.

When the test is stopped, our computer will detect the need to increase the weight inside and outside the hub, we should first install the outside, turn the tire, according to the instrument prompts to adjust. If a single tire wants to see under the balance then we simply remove the car tires, equipped with dynamic balancing machine to see if the machine is prompted to know is not the center of gravity of the tire shift itself.

In fact, we should regularly check the car tires to do dynamic balance. Because when the dynamic imbalance will make the wheels sway, making the car tires wavy wear; if it is static imbalance will not produce bumps and beats at all, if we do not deal with long-term will cause the tire flat plaque phenomenon. Therefore, to regularly check the balance of the tire will not only prolong the tire using the infamous sound but also the stability of the car tires can also avoid irreparable consequences of our car accident.


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