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Tire changer maintenance

Tires basically do not need maintenance, but in the daily driving process, pay attention to the protection of the tires. Experts give the following suggestions:


1. Every day before driving a simple look at the tires: the main check there is no loss of tires, if there is, to slow down to the repair shop inflatable, if the loss of gas is very serious, you must replace the spare tire, and then identify the cause as soon as possible and repair loss Tire.


2. Slow down the stairs: When the car up and down the stairs, as much as possible to find the slope up and down, but slower, or it is easy to tire damage and wheel deformation, and easy drag bottom.


Regularly remove the tire pattern mixed foreign body: from time to time to observe the pattern of the tire to see if there are stones, nails and the like stuck in it.


4. Regular tire transposition: Every time the vehicle runs 15,000 ~ 20,000 km, the tire is transposed (including the spare tire), the vehicle's four tires and spare tire are replaced, so that all the tire wear is more uniform. This will not only prolong the life of the tire, but also ensure that each tire has a more balanced grip.


5. To maintain normal tire pressure: usually the original factory will have a directive tire pressure range, generally posted near the driver's seat. The tire pressure is generally in accordance with the provisions of the original factory, of course, a variety of tire calibration pressure is different, but it is best not to exceed this range. In practical applications, the lower the tire pressure, the feeling of the car is better, the vibration is small, but the relative cost of oil. Now winter is over, owners can maintain normal low tire pressure, to ensure the normal car can be.


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