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Pneumatic hydraulic tire stripping device news

The main advantage of artificial tire removal machine is cheap, lightweight, but it is the most time-consuming tire removal tool, the biggest drawback is the wheel will cause damage to paint and other issues.

The latest hydraulic stripping device is an excellent tool for tire removal, at home and abroad is currently widely used, can easily separate the large tires and wheels, the operation is simple, durable.

The product is widely used in 30 50 forklift, 1200 trucks, construction vehicles, trucks, trailers, tankers and other models of tire rims, standard foot-type pneumatic pump, easy to carry, labor-saving and fast, suitable for mobile field operations or Emergency work site.


The use of this hydraulic stripping device need to support the foot-type pneumatic pump (note that the foot-type pneumatic pump is not an air compressor, many customers understand their air compressor as an air pump, the stripping device inside is hydraulic Oil, need to provide hydraulic pump, air compressor just air source).


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