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Tire changer is used for mounting and unloading car tires

Before, in some car repair shops, workers  just need a big wrench, plus a large basin full of water and a mighty repairman, basically to complete the tire replacement.


But now, as cars become an important  transport, small car repair shops can not meet the needs of the owner of the car repair and maintenance.


As the rise of 4S shops and large and medium-sized repair shops, the tire changer has become a necessary equipment for tire replacement and maintenance.


Before purchasing a tire replacement machine, we should fully understand the tire removal machine, is it right?


1.Check the motor rated power. In general, the higher the power, more stable operation. General motors power is more than 1000W. It is recommended that you remove the side cover and check the power supply when you buy.


Deceleration is a device speed, while reducing the transmission power of the tire disassembly machine.


General AC motor speed over 100 rpm. Accordingly, the speed must be reduced to about 100 rpm and keep in a normal switching function.


The quality of the tire removal head also directly affects the quality of the tire changing machine.


Our demolition head is made of high-quality steel with a scientific curve design so that its shape will not change even after it has been used for a long time.


In addition, it allows smooth installation and removal of tires and tire protection without damaging the tire rim.


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