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Is the wheel balance weights block normal on the new car?

  1. (1) The small iron blocks that have been dynamically balanced on the newly purchased vehicle hub are normal.

(2) The lead blocks normally produced by the original manufacturer are all integrated. Paste lead. Non-lead. The paste position is uniform. There is a paste on the inside and outside of the hub.

(3) The new car will make a dynamic balance. That is to adjust the density between the tire and the hub. The centrifugal force is different from high-speed rotation.

Is the wheel balance weights block normal on the new car

  1. How to maintain the balance of car maintenance:

(1) Remove the tire. In the first line, first remove the wheels that need to be balanced. Measure hub specifications. Based on sidewall information and visual inspection, determine the hub specifications instrument to detect tire data.

(2) After the wheel is removed, the logo on the hub is removed, the hub is placed on the balancing machine, and the four-wheel balancing test is operated.

(3) Add and subtract lead block adjustment data. When the test is stopped, the computer will measure the weight of the weight that needs to be increased inside and outside the rim. First, install the outside, turn the tire, and tap the weight according to the prompt. After adding the lead blocks, it is consistent with the two values on the straight track balancing machine, which means that the wheels do not need to be installed with lead blocks.

(4) Complete (install tires). Install the well-operated tire hub back onto the customer's car, carefully inspect the tightening nut, and finally check it.


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