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Die casting machines instruction

Preparation work:

Before we start our work, we need a little pool and and a air pump. Please see the video, the white tube is connected to the air pump; The two yellows tube is connected to the water, for circulating water, as a cooling system. The third part:Before we connect with the air pump, we move the button up and inject little kerosene or special Mould agent. The other side of the machine body is two boot switches. The left one is heating furnace button, the right one is Temperature nozzle button. On the display screen, the first one is the actual temperature, the second one is the set temperature. We could use the little black buttons to adjust the set temperature. Firstly press the first black button to let it could be set, then press the last black button to set the temperature. (Advice: the heating furnace temperature is better to set about 380℃,Temperature nozzle is about 410 ℃)

Installation and removal of moulds

  1. Removal the moulds: Loose the Screws behind of the moulds, please see the video. One side one screw. In the front side, take off the mould from the groove
  2. Install the moulds: In the front side, there is a Groove, please first put the mould into it. Then Tighten the screws.

Operation plate

This part mainly adjusts the data of machine. We could choose the item through press the number based on the little hand sign. Firstly, we press the “set” button, finished the setting ,please must press “ENT” button.

Lead melting furnace

The backside is the lead melting furnace, which includes electric furnace wire, thermometer, injection cylinder, nozzle.


The clips are put into the shock plate.

Through the shock plate, slide rails and the pressing bar, the clips go into the mould and in a proper position.

Please notice: when the clips are filled in the slide rails, we could close the shock plate button. And according to the QTY of clips, we could set the speed of shock plate.


After the preparation work, we began to produce. Firstly, we open power button and let the machine is in “Mone nozzle” situation. Then we try semiauto function to check whether the machine is ok for product. Then we could choose Fullyauto function to start product. Please notice: whatever semiauto function, manual function, or fullyauto function, we must press the two “die lock ” button at the same time.


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