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Clip-on wheel weights production process

We uphold the principles of the high quality raw material produce high quality products . Excellent cooperation with Chinese large steel mills, such as: Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel, Xinyu Steel and so on. Clips select high-quality spring steel, disc-shaped block made of high quality steel, are customized sectional material. According to our needs adding special metal elements, so that our products wheel weight with strength but also flexibility, the premise of ensuring the strength, more agreeableness during use. Each batch of wheel weight  raw material into the plant  must submit material inspection sheet, we each batch of raw materials are strictly mass discrimination, thus good product-related checking .

Clip-on wheel weights

After the raw materials into the plant to undergo a rigorous test, began to enter the production process. We uphold the well-equipped technology, sophisticated technology, strict tolerance control standards and strict requirements of the rules. The first step will make the wheel weight clips mold debugging to the best, and then a high-performance 65 Mn spring steel filled into the feed opening into the wheel weight of clips molding press. The clips stamping the test program is very important, it relates to the wheel weight rim installation firmly or not . After more than 35% time to time sampling, we can effectively reduce and eliminate the presence of defective products. After the clips stamping molding,  hardening, heat treatment, according to the technological requirements for galvanized or combined with block

Clip-on wheel weights

Block part of the production to be first using disc-shaped wire drawing , after accurate calculation program is record by computer. Disc-shaped wire is cut off in turn, the next program will be truncated cylinder block forming a cold pier, this part of the block is the critical control points of appearance quality, so the quality control personnel to block press-molded sample testing rate up to 35%, in order to reduce the presence of defective products guarantee. All defective once discovered they do abandon treatment. Finished block according to specifications to storage .


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