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2017 Automechanika Dubai

2017 Automechanika Dubai
Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd
Exhibition time:May 7th-9th,2017
Exhibition place:Dubai
Exhibition Introduction:
Frankfurt Automechanika (Dubai) is the most influential professional auto parts exhibition in Middle East region's. It is the best shortcut for world's leading auto parts business into the Middle East market.
Maintenance and repair: maintenance station equipment and tools; vehicle body repair; painting process and anti-corrosion protection; light and heavy vehicle body; convertible and RV; trailer services; car sales center equipment.

During this exhibition, we will show the Fe clip-on wheel weight, Fe stick-on wheel weight, zinc clip-on wheel weight, zinc stick-on wheel weight, lead clip-on wheel weight, lead stick-on wheel weight, tire valve for car, tire valve for Truck and car tire  Removal Tools, tire Repair Tools, etc.

Why choose the Dubai market?
Unique geographical location
Dubai, good geographical location, the Middle East's largest commodity distribution center and transportation hub, radiation population of 1.5billion as much, is one of the most important international commodity distribution center, known as the "air transport hub", 41% of the goods in Dubai to achieve Entrepot trade.
Dubai is known as the reputation of "Hong Kong of Middle East", is the financial and economic center of the entire Middle East. With its free and liberal economic policy, unique geographical location and complete infrastructure, it has become the transportation hub and the largest trade hub of Middle East.
Through Dubai, the goods can be resold to the Gulf region, Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia.
The car in Dubai is almost dependent on imports.
Dubai's imports of cars and spare parts is about $ 4.6 billion per year and the trade volume for car trade is $ 6.6 billion. Dubai has almost no fixed automobile trade, all trade depends on imports. Auto parts has been one of the Dubai's 10 largest re-export merchandise and the re-export volume is growing at an annual rate of 20%. Imported passenger transport and commercial transport vehicles a ccounted for 74% of total imports, parts and accessories accounted for 22.3%. In recent years, Dubai imports increased by 30%, re-exports increased by 60%, rapid growth in auto parts demand


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