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The pneumatic, hydraulic, sealing machine

Structure editor
1, host table: tire is primarily was hurt in this stage, the main have placed tires, rotation, and so on.
2, separate arm: in down the side of the tire machine, mainly used to separate the tyre and rim, is tire smoothly.
3, filling is deflated equipment: mainly have put off the tyres for inflatable or tear open outfit, and measure the pressure gauge. The general tire is about 2.2 a tm. Is equal to 0.2 Mpa.
4, foot pedals: under open tire machine has three foot pedal switch, role for respectively, clockwise counterclockwise switch, separation to switch, separation of rim and tire switch.
5, lubricants, conducive to the dismantling of the tire, reducing tire pile damage in the process, make the tyre dismantling work to be done better.
6, compressed air interface

Operation manual editing
1, tire mechanical and electrical source must be in normal state, non-work state power is in the closed position. The machine pressure at normal pressure, non-work state not connect duct.
2, replacement tyres checked before have tyre casing deformation, gas mouth if there is any leakage and crack.
3, twist KaiQi mouth put the tyre pressure drop, the tires in the middle of their compression arm, operating on both sides of the tire and the wheel box compression arm separation.
4, operating the switch the tires to be removed.
5, tires when new tyres fitted with Peugeot upward, operating the switch on the tyres.
6, the assembly after the switch in the closed position.


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