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Zinc-alloy tire valve core

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Zinc-alloy tire valve core

Zinc-alloy tire valve core adopts zinc alloy rod core with red rubber ring, which can effectively prevent rust and corrosion, more durable, high pressure resistance, good sealing and no air leakage.

Zinc-alloy tire valve Withstands operating pressures up to 300 PSI

Zinc-alloy tire valve core Zinc-alloy tire valve core Zinc-alloy tire valve core

About Zinc-alloy tire valve core
1.Package Contents: The package includes 200 pieces tire valve stem cores whose size is 19mm x 5mm x 0.19 inch (L x D).
2.Material: These valve cores are made of zinc alloy with nickel plating, corrosion resistant, rust and aging resistant. These replacement parts can withstand operating pressures up to 300 PSI.
3.Practical Tool: The seal is attached to a removable spring-loaded pin, allowing pressurized air to pass through when inflating tires. This repair tool plays an important role in daily or in your garage or auto repair shop.
4.Wide Use: Schrader valve cores apply for most vehicle tires, such as truck, RV, car, jeep, electric car, motorcycle and bicycle. It can also be used in air conditioning and refrigeration system.


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