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Chrome sleeve tubeless valve stems TR413AC

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Chrome sleeve tubeless valve stems TR413AC

Tubeless valve stems TR413AC re manufactured with high temperature brass valve cores and O-zone resistant EPDM rubber; With chrome cover for better protection, corrosion resistant. It will extend the life of your valve stems. 100% ozone tested and leak tested

tire valve TR413AC tire valve TR413AC tire valve TR413AC

Tubeless valve stems TR413AC

Valve is a part of the inflatable tires.It’s function is to give the tires inflated

and deflated, and maintain the seal of tyre after the tyre inflated.Ordinary

valve consists of three main parts: valve body, valve core and valve cap.

Tire valve
TR NO. ETRTO NO. Rim Holes REF.LENGTH (mm) Parts
core cap
TR412 V2.03.6 11.5(.453dia) 22 9002# VC8
TR413 V2.03.1 11.5(.453dia) 30
TR414 V2.03.2 11.5(.453dia) 38
TR414L V2.03.8 11.5(.453dia) 45
TR418 V2.03.4 11.5(.453dia) 49
TR423 11.5(.453dia) 62


Tubeless valve stems TR413AC Advantage

1.Our products are 100% leak tested and are made of only the highest quality materials

2.The tire valves can be quickly mounted to the rim.It is flexible in nature so it may provide complete

air-seal even when it is bent for air service or tire pressure check.

3.It is Made with special rubber(as EPDM)compound to resist to O-zone  damage  and  prevent temperaturedeterioration caused by rim hole ,heat,cold.Maximum inflation is420k Pa(60P.S.I)


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