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Vacuum cup valve grinder

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Vacuum cup valve grinder

Vacuum cup valve grinder Clean the application surface, install the valve into the valve guide, firmly press the correct size suction cup onto the valve head, and rotate the tool handle slightly between your palms (as if trying to start a fire ) until obtaining a suitable finish.

Vacuum cup valve grinder  Combines a lapping compound (not included) for lap valves to match the valve seats
Vacuum cup valve grinder  The suction cups are strong enough for repeated use
Vacuum cup valve grinder  This set is durable and comfortable in any garage or tough work location

Vacuum cup valve grinder Vacuum cup valve grinder Vacuum cup valve grinder Vacuum cup valve grinder


Vacuum cup valve grinder

  • 1.Cup diameter:5/8",13/16",1-1/8",1-3/8"
  • 2. Synthetic rubber cups are resistant to chemical agents
  • 3.Material:wooden handle ,rubber suction cup
  • 4. Non-slip cups are groove locked to handle.
  • 5.Length:210mm/225mm

Vacuum cup valve grinder introduce

1.Precise Seat Valves: The ABN Valve Hand Grinding Tool Kit 2-Piece Set - Double End Suction Cup Lap Bar, 1-1/8", 1-3/8", 5/8", 3/ 16 inches helps you correctly match valve seats during a top-end engine rebuild; These tools include double ends with oil- and UV-resistant synthetic rubber cups that help you put the finishing touches on your tuning.

2.Various Applications: Suitable for any clean, flat surface of a lawn mower, chainsaw or small or large motor car or other vehicle with 5/8 inch, 13/16 inch, 1-1/18 inch and 1-3/8 valves inches (0.6 in, 0.8 in, 1.1 in, 1.4 in);

3.COMFORTABLE GRIP: 6.7 inch long handles for maximum control, less user fatigue and more productivity; overall lengths of 8.9" and 8.3"

About the Vacuum cup valve grinder
To properly recondition the seat and valve during an engine top rebuild, use the Vacuum cup valve grinder.


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