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Tyre layering extractor

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Tyre layering extractor

Tyre layering extractor Extractor de barra de presión de neumáticos de coche de alta resistencia para todo tipo de reparación de neumáticos de coche

Tyre layering extractor

Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: S

Model Number: S-TR

Tire Design: Bias

Type: Solid Tire

Diameter: 11-15inch

Width: <165mm

Car Make: passenger car or light tubeless cars

material: steel

CE: ISO9001&TS16949

Tyre layering extractor Tyre layering extractor Tyre layering extractor

Tyre layering extractor
+ Suitable for heavy duty tubular truck tires. Reasonable design with longer handle to operate.
+ Produced by chrome-vanadium steel with high-shot heating and dusting treatment.
+ Use 45# stainless steel precision casting plate rake, heat treatment to improve rigidity, nickel-plated surface.
+ It is an excellent tool for working on tires without removing the wheel. Typical length 1.2m, with puller, with small round hook.



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