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Manual Tire Spreader

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Manual Tire Spreader

Manual Tire Spreader--Easy Adjustment: Our tire expander tool features a user-friendly design that allows for easy adjustment. It is fully adjustable to fit various tire sizes, providing versatility and comfort when working on different vehicles.
Tire Changer Tire Changing Machine--PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The manual tire spreader is meticulously designed to facilitate quick and effortless tire changes, mounting, installation or removal. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort and efficiency during tire-related tasks. Rest assured, our tire splitter tool has undergone strict testing, ensuring its reliable performance and durability.

Manual Tire Spreader Manual Tire Spreader Manual Tire Spreader Manual Tire Spreader Manual Tire Spreader Manual Tire Spreader

Tire Bead Breaker Steel Description
Manual Tire Spreader  Features

1Tire Spread: This manual tire spreader is designed to spread tire quickly to make tire changes, mounting, installation, or removal.

2High Hardness: This portable tire changer is made of durable metal in high hardness, longer service life.

3Heat Treatment: The gear of this tire spreader adopts heat treatment process, which ensures high strength and better performance.

4Wide Application: This adjustable tire spreader is suitable for most truck, car, motorcycle, trailer, semi, tractor, small tires.

5Easy Operation: This tire spreader tool can be easily adjusted, fully adjustable to fit a variety tire of sizes.

SpecificationItem Type: Manual

Tire SpreaderMaterial: Iron

Manual Tire Spreader --Tire Spreader: Designed specifically for changing, installing or removing tires, our manual tire spreader excels at efficiently unrolling tires. Its precise construction evenly distributes force, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free. The spreader gear is meticulously crafted through a heat treatment process, giving it exceptional strength and performance.
Tire Bead Breaker Steel --HEAT TREATMENT PROCESS: The spreader gear featured on our tire spreader undergoes a meticulous heat treatment process. This treatment ensures unmatched strength and performance, making it more than capable of tackling even the most demanding tire installation and removal tasks. The secure locking mechanism ensures that the wheel remains firmly in place throughout the entire process.
Mounting Tool Tires Bead Tool --HEAT TREATMENT: Experience the superior performance of our tire spreader as the gear is manufactured using an advanced heat treatment process. This process ensures that the gear possesses remarkable strength and toughness, allowing it to withstand high-pressure tasks. T on our tire spreader to deliver exceptional results whether you are installing or removing tires.


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