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Impact Wrench

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Impact Wrench

The impact wrenches from Ingersoll Rand is ideal for any garage. It’s fitted with an extended anvil, so changing tires and deeper fastening will be a breeze.

With its quick setup and no hoses to trip over, the truck impact wrench promotes better safety and efficiency.

Impact wrenches  ergonomic D-handle with 360-degree auxiliary handle

Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

Truck tire Impact Wrench STRONG TYPE:

l  Rotating Speed : 3300/min

l  Max Torque : 9800N.M

l  Air Inlet : In 1/2”

l  Air Pressure : 6.3-10kg/cm2

l  Weight : 20kg

Impact Wrench for truck STANDARD TYPE:

l  Rotating Speed : 4000/min

l  Max Torque : 4800N.M

l  Air Inlet : In 1/2”

l  Air Pressure : 6.3-10kg/cm2

l  Weight : 18kg

This Brand Pneumatic Spanner is made of wear-resistant

and shockproof materials under excellent

design and strict quality control.

Impact Wrench Notes to the users before operating:

  1. Keen dry and clean of air cylinder and gas container, and be sure that the air supply tube shall not be air leakage.
  2. Check to see if the air gauge is at 10KG, safety standard level within 7.8KG of working pressure .
  3. In order to keep normal operation of this unit, be sure to fill in the air and water from air outlet of air cylinder, filter, and auto oil filler combination. Refer to the picture one.
  4. If no oil filler ,please fill oil in according to the assigned oil port. Fill oil in before working to keep the best performance function of this unit. (Please use of recommended oil or spindle oil for pneumatic spanner.)
  5. If this unit keeps still without running or suns not smoothly, please use of large capacity of special recommended oil or spindle oil to fill in for pneumatic spanner turning. remove and clean away the dirt and obstacles If they are unable to removed after continuous twice or three times, please send them to the dealer for repair or maintenance.

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