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Lead adhesive wheel weights

Product Details

 Lead adhesive wheel weights that doesn't require any tools. Just peel the back and stick to the rim. The adhesivestyle weight is popular because it can be hidden from view.

Lead adhesive wheel weights Lead adhesive wheel weights

Product details

Lead adhesive wheel weights

Production          Specification
Material pb
Color pb original color
Surface treatment original color
size 11.7*1.5*0.5cm
available tape blue tape, 3M tape, norton tape and others
Technology die-casting
Certificates ISO9001, CE,SGS and so on
Application auto cars

Lead adhesive wheel weights

·         Introduction:New Style Lead/PB Adhesive Wheel Weight with Blue Tape Material:PB ;Color:pb original color; Surface treatment:original color;size:11.7*1.5*0.5cm

Assembly of adhesive wheel weights:
Basically the rim surface must be free of grease, silicone, dust and dry before mounting the adhesive weights. The processing temperature of the adhesive weights must not fall below 10 °C and the surface for attachment to the rim must not exceed a maximum bevel of 15 °C from the hub direction.

At a speed of 100 km/h the centrifugal force of a 10 g unbalance acts like the force of a sledge hammer. This makes wheels without balancing weights a danger: Without adhesive wheel weights on steel and aluminium rims, wheel suspensions and bearings are subjected to greater stress. Missing balancing weights on steel and aluminium rims can also lead to noticeable vibrations at the steering wheel and in the interior. In addition, non-existent adhesive bars result in increased brake and tyre wear.

In addition to lead wheel balance weights, we also produce fe wheel balance weightszinc wheel balance weights, tire valvesAuto repair tools, and Tire Removal Tools

Many States Now Banning Lead Wheel Weights in America

New legislation now makes it illegal to sell, manufacture or install lead wheel weights in many states. Violators can be faced with substantial penalties of up to $2,500 per day, per violation. Wheel weights made entirely of lead or zinc that end up on the roadway have high potential impacts to human health and the environment compared to steel wheel weights. Fe wheel weights are the preferred alternative due to their comparatively low toxicity and fewer environmental impacts from manufacturing. Lower environmental and human health impacts coupled with the high opportunity for steel wheel weights to be made from recycled material make steel wheel weights the best overall alternative.


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