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Clip on

Pb Clip on wheel weight

  • Material: Pb/Lead
  • Weight size: 5g-60g
  • Surface treatment: Coated or uncoated
  • Type: Clip on
Product Details

Pb Clip on wheel weight

 wheel weight-Pb  Type:5g,10gg,15g,20g,25g,30g,35g,40g,45g,50g,55g,60g

Lead Clip on wheel weight Surface: Without coating

Clip on wheel weight Used to balance various steel wheels

Pb Clip on wheel weight

Clip on wheel weight -Pb

Clip on wheel weight -Pb


Material: Pb/Lead
Weight size: 5g-60g
Surface treatment: Coated or uncoated
Type: Clip on
Application: Car balance
Rim: Aluminium rim and steel rim

Clip on wheel weight -Pb

1.Clip size: 2.2+-0.2 Used in balancing passenger car steel rims.
3.Clip on firmly and not easy to fall off from wheel rim
4.Manufacture to meet OEM Standards
5.Easy to Install and designed for correct fit.
6.Clip-on weights can use many times
7.OEM designing for box and carton packing: MOQ,10 pallets

Clip on wheel weight Packing

SPEC. PCS/BX BX/CTN Box Size(mm) CTN Size(mm)
5g 100 20 115x75x60 420x250x130
10g 100 12 135x115x70 420x250x150
15g 100 12 135x115x70 420x250x150
20g 100 8 195x115x60 420x250x130
25g 100 8 195x115x60 420x250x130
30g 100 6 225x130x70 420x250x150
35g 50 12 135x115x70 420x250x150
40g 50 8 195x115x60 420x250x130
45g 50 8 195x115x60 420x250x130
50g 50 8 195x115x60 420x250x130
55g 50 8 195x115x60 420x250x130
60g 50 6 225x130x70 420x250x150

Clip on wheel weight -Pb Used to balance various steel wheels. Suitable for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, vans, and full size vans
Hardened steel clips to better maintain weight; Easy to install and well-designed
Shengshi wheel balance weight ensures dynamic balance of your wheels during high-speed rotation

Provide safe tire systems and safe driving and high-quality guaranteed lead wheel weights

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