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5g*12 Wheel Weight – Custom Logo

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5g*12 Wheel Weight - Custom Logo


5g*12 Wheel Weight 5g*12 Wheel Weight 5g*12 Wheel Weight 5g*12 Wheel Weight 5g*12 Wheel Weight 5g*12 Wheel Weight


5g*12 Wheel Weight - Custom Logo

Type: Wheel Weight

Size: 5g*12

Car Make: Universal for passenger car

OE NO.: Standard

Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Shengshiweiye

Product Name: wheel balance weights

Finish: zinc plated or galvanized

Certificates: TS16949

Application: Balance

Trade type: manufacture wheel weights

Material: Fe adhesive wheel weights

Package: 60g/strip ,100 strip/box ,4 box

Sticky Tape: blue tape ,3 M tape ,Norton tape

Advantage: Produce Strictly

Delivery Time: 10 days

Our 5g*12 Wheel Weight have the following advantages:

1. More precise pasting block: Our pasting wheel weight adopts high-precision manufacturing technology and precision equipment, which can achieve more precise positioning and fitting, effectively improving the balance of the wheel hub.

2. Easy to use pasting block: Our pastingwheel weight can be easily attached to the surface of the wheel, with minimal impact on the wheel hub, and can be easily replaced and adjusted at any time, making it very convenient to use.

3. Strong durability of adhesive blocks: Our adhesive wheel weight are made of high-quality materials and undergo special processing techniques, making them very durable. They can be used on wheels for a long time without affecting the service life of the wheel hub.

5g*12 Wheel Weight

Adhesive Wheel  Weights, also known as wheel balance weight . It is the counter weight parts of vehicle mounted on the wheels. The wheel balance weight used to maintain dynamic balance at high rotational speed.

With the improvement of the road conditions and the rapid development of automobile technology, the speed of the vehicle is also more and more quickly. If the quality of the car wheel is not uniform, in this high speed driving process, it will not only affect the comfort of the car, but will increase the car tires and suspension system in abnormal wear, increase the difficulty of the car in the process of control, resulting in driving unsafe.

To avoid this, the wheels must pass through the special equipment for wheel dynamic balancing machine balancing test before installation, add the appropriate wheel balance weight in the wheel quality small place, to keep the wheel dynamic balance in high rotating speed, the weight is wheel balance block.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

5*12/5+10 wheel balance weights:
1.100/50 Pcs/Box 4Boxes/ Carton your demand
or as customer required

Delivery Time

20 days after deposit

6Kg Klebegewichte Kleberiegel Auswuchtgewichte 4x5g
6Kg Klebegewichte 4x5g + 4x10g 100 Stück á 60g
✔ Abrisskante für besseres Entfernen der Schutzfolie ✔ Markenprodukt von HASKYY
✔ Selbstklebend ✔ Oberfläche: Verzinkt & Grau Kunststoffbeschichtet
✔ Abmessungen je 10g Gewicht in mm (BxHxT) 23 x 3,9 x 19,0 ✔ Abmessungen je 5g Gewicht in mm (BxHxT) 11,6 x 3,9 x 19,0
25 Streifen je 60Gr verpackt in handlicher Tüte, davon 4 Tüten im Karton zum Aufbewahren


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