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Clip on wheel weight ST type

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Clip on wheel weight ST type

Clip on wheel we ight ST type Quality powder coating protects the entire weight against corrosion

Clip on wheel we ight ST type Salt spray test > 250 h



Clip on wheel weight ST type

Clip on wheel weight ST type

Clip on wheel weight ST type

Surface:Zinc plated   ,Plastic Coated
Ref.No. Weight  APPLY For QTY (pcs/box)
5g 13"~15"   steel wheel 100
10g 13"~15"   steel wheel 100
15g 13"~15"   steel wheel 100
20g 13"~15"   steel wheel 100
25g 13"~15"   steel wheel 50
30g 13"~15"   steel wheel 50
35g 13"~15"   steel wheel 50
40g 13"~15"   steel wheel 50
45g 13"~15"   steel wheel 25
50g 13"~15"   steel wheel 25
55g 13"~15"   steel wheel 25
60g 13"~15"   steel wheel 25

Clip on wheel weight ST type  make wheel service easy. Each weight class is sold in a set of 12, and most are made a little heavier than our stick-on wheel weights, so you never have to use a ton of steel weights to get the job done. If you’re looking to save time and energy, all you do is clip the weight into place and you’re done. Zero mess and zero cleanup. Your shop looks better already.

Clip on wheel weight ST type are 100% lead-free and environmentally friendly. They’re also extremely durable and provide incredible hold on any wheel size

Clip on wheel weight ST type

Powder-coated surface helps eliminate corrosion and staining of expensive wheels
Strong adhesive backing for dependable attachment
Clips on easy for an extremely tight hold
Lead-free, steel construction has less impact on the environment
Meets national environmental laws and health and safety codes
Designed to have same fit, function & look as OEM weights
Narrow profile contours easier to OEM wheel shapes
Slender profile and out-of-sight mounting capability enhance the looks of any wheel
Low-profile design for increased clearance of close-proximity calipers or brake components
Reduces inventory cost by eliminating traditional wheel weight inventories and requiring less floor space

Clip on wheel weight ST type Adhesive tape:

Quality double-sided tape with protective film (depending on weight type also available with fingerlift-tape)

Best adhesive characteristics with a guaranteed

adhesive force of 35N/cm²

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