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Balancing machine

Balancing machine S – T 891

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Balancing machine S - T 891

Balancing machine S-T 891

Shengshiweiye balancing machine S - T 891

Power supply voltage:220 v / 50 to 60 hz / 1 ph
Power: 0.25 Kw
Rotating speed: ~ 215 r. p.
Balance cycle: 10 s
Largest wheel weight: 100 kg
Rim diameter: 254 ~ 660 mm
Rim width: 38 ~ 508 mm
Largest wheel diameter: 1000 mm
Net weight/gross weight: 125 kg / 145 kg
1. According to the present larger, heavier tires for production
2. With high measurement precision, repetition measurement precision accuracy characteristics
3. Make up for the most current balancing machine for large low tire balance accuracy of defects
4. Use high quality Φ 40 balancing machine spindle, to ensure the accuracy of measurement and meet the requirements of large tires measurement
5. High strength increasing casing, to ensure the stability of the measurement precision
6. The six big torque and low speed motor, can guarantee the stability of large tires start and brake and the safety of the operation"
"7. With functions of automatic measuring rim diameter and distance
8. With functions of automatic detection and restoring the measuring precision of the calibration function
9. Adopts high brightness LED digital display, no matter the light and shade can clear display digital measurement
10. Optional 901 tyres elevator to facilitate large and heavy tires in balancing machine loading and unloading"


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