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Balancing machine

Balancing machine S-T892

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Balancing machine S-T892

Balancing machine S-T892

Shengshiweiye balancing machine S-T892

Power supply voltage:220 v / 50 to 60 hz.
Power: 0.2 ~ 0.3 Kw
Rotating speed: ~ 215 r. p.
Balance cycle: 8 s
Largest wheel weight: 70 kg
Rim diameter: 254 ~ 610 mm
Rim width: 38 ~ 510 mm
Largest wheel diameter: 38 "/ 960 mm
Net weight/gross weight: 103 kg / 123 kg
1. Microcomputer automatic measurement and data input
2. The equipment fault diagnosis and calibration function on its own
3. The rotation of the spindle, lengthened adapt to balance various tyre and rim
4. A separate computer digital balancing machine fully automatic cycle
5. Use a different function keys easy access to different program"


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