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Transmission jack

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Transmission jack

Transmission jack : Experience the ease of hydraulic lift with our foot pedal. Simply use the pedal to raise it to the desired height, which can vary from 32 inches/820 mm to 67 inches/1700 mm. This allows you to sit or stand comfortably while performing maintenance. To lower the jack, turn the handle clockwise to release pressure.


Transmission jack

Transmission jack

About this Transmission jack
Reliable and stable saddle: Never worry about saddle shaking when installing or removing your transmission. Our saddle is fixed with upgraded screws, and two bolts can adjust the saddle with up to 30° tilt angle to support different drive forms.
Movable and lockable: Our transmission jack is equipped with 4 wheels, two of which have brakes, making it easy to move. The auxiliary ring in the middle allows you to push or pull the jack with ease. Locks the wheels in place to prevent unwanted sliding during use.
Durable Transmission Jack and Tight Packaging: Constructed from strong and durable steel, our transmission jack provides a solid foundation for long-lasting use. In addition, it comes in completely airtight packaging to prevent damage or loss of accessories during transportation.

Transmission jack is ideal for any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal task. An adjustable tray and the pedal-type design of the hydraulic transmission jack enable you to position and align the transmission more precisely. 4 pcs swivel casters and an auxiliary ring provide smooth movement on any surface. Whatever has got you down, get a jack that brings you up. Raise the bar higher and get yourself a jack that goes above and beyond.
Precise Positioning
Easy to Move
High-Grade Steel


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