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Tire Marking Crayon

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Tire Marking Crayon

Tire Marking Crayon  Ideal for temporary marking on many surfaces, including tires;

Tire Marking Crayon Easily mark on wet or cold surfaces

Tire Marking Crayon Lead-free, zinc-free; brighter, stain-resistant colors

Tire Marking Crayon Markings can be painted on

Tire Marking Crayon Tire Marking Crayon Tire Marking Crayon

Tire Marking Crayon

50pcs  Permanent Paint Pen Tire Metal Outdoor Marking Ink Marker Creative Oil Based

Excellent design for repairing car scratch and featured as non-toxic, permanent, and water resistant, this paint marker pen is a must item for car lovers and drivers!

Color:White Yellow

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Features: Non-Toxic, Permanent, Water Resistant, Non-Fade, Smoothly

Package Includes: 50 Paint Marker Pens

Tire Marking Crayon Universal Marking Crayons for Industrial , Mark Tire Damage and marking locations,and more.
Crayons Wax Marker can write on wet, dry, smooth or rough surfaces.This includes rubber, metal, concrete, Lumber, etc.
Tire Marking Crayon The markings can be long-lasting and will not fade


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