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Bottle Jack

Bottle Jack Designed to handle heavy-duty lifting tasks effortlessly, the hydraulic bottle jack features an impressive 20 ton/44,092 lb weight capacity, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Change tires, service and lift vehicles with ease.

Bottle Jack Versatile and adjustable: With a minimum height of 9.4" (240 mm), a maximum height of 17.7" (450 mm), and an extendable screw that can reach up to 2.4" (60 mm), this jack easily adapts to your specific needs of lifting.Fits perfectly on cars, SUVs, trucks, minitrucks and much more.

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Bottle Jack  Effortless Hydraulic Operation: With a three-section joint handle, whether you are a professional or an auto repair enthusiast, you can lift heavy objects quickly and easily thanks to the bottle jack's long handle. When not in use, its space-saving size allows for effortless storage in your trunk, ensuring you're always prepared for emergencies, wherever the road takes you.
Bottle Jack  LEAK PROOF DESIGN: Made with a sturdy welding structure and tightly sealed with high quality rings, this bottle jack ensures exceptional strength and prevents any oil leakage. And the cat is protected during transportation with improved, thick pearl cotton packaging to reduce the possibility of damage.
Bottle Jack  Reliable and Safe: Equipped with a built-in safety valve system, the hydraulic bottle jack prevents overloading and ensures safe use, minimizing the risk of accidents. Integrated molding of the hydraulic cylinder and piston rod, along with the rust and corrosion resistant outer coating, ensures long-term reliability and durability.


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