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OEM Service

OEM Service

Wheel weights OEM service

1.The wheel weight of the wheels can be personalized through the selection of customized logos, blocks, weight, and adhesive tape. Customers can choose their preferred pattern or company logo as their logo.

2.Packaging OEM
We provide OEM packaging that can be tailored to customers' image, not only attracting their attention, but also establishing a brand image.Creative Packaging Design: Conquering the Market with Unique Attraction

Production Capacity

1.The production capacity of Shengshi Weiye balance block is 200 tons of viscous balance weight, 200 tons of hook type balance weight, and 7.2 million valves per month.

2.8 production lines, manual and automatic assembly lines work simultaneously, greatly increasing production capacity.


1.Since 1996, the company has been providing supporting services to King Long Bus, China FAW, BAIC Foton, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Ford, Baoding Great Wall, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, and SAIC Group;

2.In 2006, the Ministry of Foreign Trade was established to provide product matching solutions to top international and domestic automobile manufacturers such as Tip, Rossvik from Russia, Kamas from Russia, Mazda and Suzuki from Thailand, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu from Pakistan, etc.

Lower Price

1.We have been taking measures to increase inventory, increase production, and reduce energy consumption to reduce production costs. Profit is always limited, but we always strive to give our customers greater discounts.

  1. All wheel weight production processes are completed in our own factory, and all costs are controllable.

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