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Foreign Trade actual operation case

In the process of foreign trade, some problems will be encountered more or less before, during, and after negotiation. The problems encountered before the negotiations and during the negotiations can be resolved quickly, but the problems encountered after the negotiations and shipment are often trickier. If we can solve the problem . The customer will still cooperate with us . If not , we will lost the customer . Below is the actual operation case which we met before :

We have a client from Vietnam, he is a distributor of wheel weight , it was the first time buying wheel weight . We recommend a product to our customers based on the country and the market where they are located and sent some samples to him for test. Customer was very satisfied with our samples. However, after the customer received the goods and sold it , the feedback from the user was the product quality is not good. And the product is easy to fall off when they use it , The installation process is also complicated. The customer requested to return the goods back to us .

When we get the customer's message, as most foreign workers, first,we need to know the customer's use process , and require the customer to provide the relevant video, after receiving the relevant evidence provided by the customer. We test the sample which we left before , and send the test results and video to the customers, We hope customers understand that the product is good .

However, the customer was not very satisfied with this result, because it didn't actually solve the problems . In order to find a best way to solve customer problems. we conducted face-to-face interactions with our customers and check the products in the customer’s company. We sent some new good wheel weight of free charge instead of the wheel weight with problem to customer, and shipped them in short time. Customer was very satisfied, and after the problem has been solved, they purchased a new order for us.

This incident has let us understand that we should understand the facts and should not shir


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