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When does the car need doing axles, wheel positioning?

① New car’s first wheel positioning mileage should be around 3000KM. Because the new car is just put into use and also in the walking stage. Its major assembly including the axle and wheel positioning are in the adjustment and then fixed state. So it is necessary for the new car driving at its 3000km and 10000km to do axles and wheel positioning.

② During the car’s running, when found that handling stability is not good, the steering wheel jitter, the direction of erratic difficult to control, did not dare to let the steering wheel go, the steering wheel always goes to the side of the round, after its turning the steering wheel can not automatically turn round, steering wheel turned too heavy and so on.

③ Replacement of new tires or found that tire wear is not normal: feather-like unilateral wear, plane eccentric wear, block wear, front wheel symmetry wear, tire mileage can not reach mileage and so on.

④ Pigment and fit parts are not consumed properly.

⑤ After the replacement of the suspension syste and the steering trapezoidal mechanism parts (especially the crossbar joint and double diagonal bridge of the bridge and bridge synchronization device).


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