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The correct method of car four wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment Machine by adjusting to ensure good driving performance of the vehicle and have some reliability. Four-wheel positioning is not a maintenance project, but a means of repair.

Four-wheel positioning, literally speaking, people feel as if it is related to the four wheels, it is not true, the car wheels, shock absorption, steering rod and other chassis objects installed between the relative position of this relative position The installation is called four-wheel positioning. This relative position between the distance, angle, etc. is the four-wheel positioning parameters, we do four-wheel positioning is to make a fuss around these parameters. By adjusting these parameters to get the best car driving. Some of the most frequently used four-wheel positioning parameters include the front wheel toe, the front wheel camber, the rear wheel toe, the king pin inclination, and some of these parameters are not adjustable. The four-wheel alignment needs the assistance of a four-wheel aligner, including a four-post lift.

Four wheel alignment error effect

Do not underestimate these parameters, if a parameter abnormalities, which angle is slightly larger, the normal driving of the car can have a great impact. The most common is the vehicle deviation, that is when you put the direction of a straight forward run, the car itself will be left or right deviation, the driver can only continue to adjust the steering wheel, a little inattention will be Left or right run several meters, the safe driving has a great impact.

There is tire partial wear, that is, the so-called "eating tires", this phenomenon if you do not check the tire is difficult to find, long-term vehicles traveling at high speed, tire wear will be very powerful, seriously affecting the service life of the tire. We have seen good tires were ground into "bare-headed", very dangerous, not only a serious decline in ground adhesion, but also the possibility of a puncture at any time. In addition to these common effects, the four-wheel positioning must not be allowed to cause floats, skids, unstable steering, abnormal wear and tear of suspension system components and serious impact on driving safety, so it is completely correct.


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