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Tire Changer is the use of three tips

Tire changer repair shop and tire shop essential repair equipment, then when using the tire disassembly machine, there will be some tips to facilitate your homework, here a brief description of the tire disassembly machine Tips on using the process:

Tire changer  hree tips

1, for the tire rubber good but soft and thin tires: wind shovel tire slippery, micro-lift the wind shovel control pedal, while pushing the tire inside and confirm the shovel mouth and tire contact, and then legs Or hand to stop to prevent the tire back, then step on the control pedal, then easier to shovel the tire.

2, for a long time sports car tires: tires for a long time by the internal pressure, tire and ground friction generated by heat, resulting in tire and steel ring bonding. Wind shovel is difficult to shovel, you can first dissolve detergent in water, with a small brush in the fetal lips and rims at the brush some of the solution until the solution infiltrated the gap between the fetal lip and the rims, and then shovel shovel Under the tire.

3, the tires for the tire hard tire: the best selection of car tires when the spring steel plate, homemade crowbar to the head pry tire, easier. On the tire, the pressure with both hands and fetal belly, when the difference is about 200mm, the tire port at the tightest place, with the right elbow pressure tire belly, while left hand homeopathic, push the tire clockwise to prevent the motor and the V-belt slippage, while It also protects the motor.


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