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  1. Price increase:

Before and after the Spring Festival route adjustment, suspension and capacity reduction so that the basic accommodation in a tight state, in short supply prices from the hot water up. In previous years, sea freight prices, years ago, after the fall is the general trend. In addition to choosing the right shipping company and signing the insured, if the delivery of goods is not tight, after years of shipping is also a good choice.

  1. Accommodation:

Shipping companies often anticipate some rate of de-lamination when doing space control. The cabin control is artificial. In particular, before the holiday, the shipping companies usually receive more goods, and then the artificial refrigerators offset the drop in the volume of containers due to the declining sales force and holidays after the Spring Festival. Shipments by the end of the year, taking into account factors such as the value of goods shipped / freight / cargo weight, anticipating tank status and making preparations for a voyage of one or more voyages. And the Spring Festival dumped goods too much, it will lead to post-holiday detonation will continue for some time.

  1. trailer:

The closer to the Spring Festival, there may be more trailer drivers early leave, go home New Year. Trailer tension, a car hard to find, and in the ten days before the Spring Festival this shortage reached its peak, so take the goods by the end of the booking in advance, make an appointment in advance, make an appointment in advance to avoid the inconvenience caused by taking the cabinet to take the goods!

  1. Cabinet:

In the year approaching, in the case of a full explosion of a shipping company, the phenomenon of a shortage of goods will be more prone to emergencies than usual.


  1. These countries Spring Festival also holiday:

Vietnam, Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, these countries also had the Spring Festival and the statutory holidays, shipped to these countries during the Spring Festival, the need to confirm the emergency contact with the consignee in advance in case of emergency.


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