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Mask needs of old customers in South Africa

In late March, the old customers in South Africa said that they could not go out normally because of the coronavirus. They could only stay at home. The customers sent inquiries and asked if they could provide disposable masks. The customers said that the cheapest one is required. Appropriate and qualified, we will be asked to send a mask order once a week.


I recommended a one-time civilian mask to the customer. The price of the mask is the lowest. The customer said at the beginning that 100,000 masks were needed. After the quotation, the customer felt that it was expensive. The target price of the customer adjusted our price, the customer did not say anything, and let us wait for the news. The customer later said that the masks could not be shipped to South Africa. The customs were very strict and they did not intend to purchase masks.


Just in mid-April, the customer suddenly contacted me and said that his customer still wanted these masks, and asked if I could arrange transportation. I asked DHL Express, they said that it is now possible to arrange the distribution, but they need to provide various certificates And certificate of conformity. I tell customers that they can purchase with confidence, and transportation is no problem. The customer said very well, and later arrange for full payment. After we received the payment from the customer, we immediately arranged the delivery for the customer. The customer was very happy and said that if the mask can meet his requirements, there will still be an order later. We also believe that customers can deliver orders to us, and hope to solve problems for customers and overcome difficulties as soon as possible.


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