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Free Sample

Tire repair consumables such as wheel balance weights, tire valves, repair strips, and films are all free of charge. However, we recommend that you contact your Shengshiweiye salesperson to obtain a list of products eligible for free destination shipping. Free samples will be shipped prepaid to your warehouse in China. Orders for consumable products or repair parts are subject to per-piece shipping charges based on package weight and destination area.

Delivery area surcharge
Although Shengshiweiye provides free samples, the delivery area surcharge for remote areas does not include other applicable shipping surcharges that may apply to your order.

Sample fee for higher value goods
If you need more sample series and the value exceeds the free list, we will reduce the price of your first shipment.

International shipping
Want to place an order outside of China?
Please contact one of our international sales representatives listed below to place an order, inquire, or request documentation.

Sales and Business Development Director
Office phone: 86 18713779288


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