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Spark Plug Wrench

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Spark Plug Wrench

Spark Plug Wrench Application: Widely used to perform damage-free disassembly and easy installation of spark plugs in automobiles or motorcycles. Suitable for most models.

Spark Plug Wrench  Spring-Loaded: Heavy-duty springs are heat-treated for better performance, keeping the head in place.

Spark Plug Wrench
Spark Plug Wrench Spark Plug Wrench Spark Plug Wrench Spark Plug Wrench Spark Plug Wrench Spark Plug Wrench Spark Plug Wrench

Spark Plug Wrench Features:
Brand new and high quality spark plug removal tool.
Comfortable to use non-slip dipped handle
T-Handle Bar allows larger Torque force and high pursuance.
Come with 16mm (5/8") & 21mm (13/16") Sockets fits most Spark Plugs (Please confirm size of spark plug prior to purchase)
Flexible head allows access to confined areas.
Plastic coated T handle - allows a good grip.
T handle has a 3/8" drive fitting that can be used with any 3/8" drive Socket.
Socket made from chrome vanadium steel.
Rubber insert within sockets for spark plug insulator protection and spark plug retention.
Comes with widespread joint function for enhanced access.
Suitable for fastening and demolition of the spark plug sleeve.

Spark Plug Wrench,360° rotation, 270° folding.
Suitable for most motorcycles, lawnmowers and small motor vehicles, etc.
The kit can effectively retain spark plugs and minimize damage.
Package Contents: 1 x T-handle, 1 x 16mm spark plug socket, 1 x 21mm spark plug socket

Spark Plug Wrench Durable: Made of cold forged alloy steel, strong and durable, not easy to deform.
Spark Plug Wrench Size: 2 different sizes, sleeve depth is 16mm and 21mm.
Spark Plug Wrench Swivel Head: 360 degree swivel design allows the wrench to work at any angle. Get better leverage in these tight areas or awkward spaces.


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