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Market Analysis of Wheel Balance Weight

For many automotive parts manufacturers and trading companies, there are many types of automotive parts, but they are mainly divided into the following three categories: consumables, tools, and equipment. Today, our main focus is on the types of wheel counterweights. Wheel balance weight, as the name suggests, refers to consumables installed on the wheel rim to maintain balance on both sides of the wheel and keep the car balanced while driving. It has the characteristics of wide application, large export volume, short procurement cycle, and high market share.
There are two main types of wheel counterweights: one is clamped onto the wheel counterweight, and the other is stuck/adhered to the wheel counterweight. The clamp type wheel balance weight is mainly used for steel and aluminum wheels, installed on the edge of the wheel rim. The adhesive/adhesive wheel balance weight is mainly used for aluminum wheels, and only needs to be adhered to the inner wall of the wheel rim. Customers can choose different types of wheel balance weights according to their different needs.

According to previous customer orders, the main customers in Poland mainly use zinc clips on wheel balance weights and steel bars/adhesive wheel balance weights. The main well-known buyers are Tip and PHU. Russia's main customers purchase steel clamps on wheel counterweights and steel bars/adhesive wheel counterweights. US customers mainly purchase steel clamps on wheel counterweights in ounces, while South American countries mainly purchase steel clamps on wheel counterweights and guide rods/adhesive wheel counterweights. Asian countries mainly use steel bars/adhesive wheel counterweights. The types used vary in different regions. Therefore, in market analysis, we must understand the location and needs of customers in order to better promote and sell products.


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