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Tire changer for truck inspection and annual inspection requirements are what?

In the process of using the trolley, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance routinely. Under normal circumstances, overhaul for the car grilled tire machine includes daily maintenance, weekly inspection, monthly inspection and annual maintenance. So monthly inspection and annual inspection requirements were included in what content? Xiaobian to introduce below.

In addition to the weekly inspection requirements, there are other requirements, such as disassembly and inspection of the rotors and the moving parts of the rotor face seal, for cleaning. Check the seal oil and oil pressure meets the requirements.

In addition, we must also regularly check the trolley grinder loading door cylinder and the loading cylinder working filling, and to oil and water separator and muffler cleaning. Also pay attention to check the tooth coupling, rod tip coupling working conditions, and confirm the cooling system is working properly. At the same time also pay attention to see the unloading door locking device movements are flexible, open and close time whether the required requirements. Check whether the contact point between the block on the dropgate door and the block on the locking device is within the specified range and make adjustment.

In addition to the above, the staff will also need to carefully check and adjust the sliding discharge gate of the trolley and the gap between the check ring and the mixing chamber. So, during the annual inspection, should pay attention to what content?


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