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Car lift

Car lift is used to lift the car during vehicle maintenance equipment, cars open to the lift station, through the manual operation of the car can lift a certain height for vehicle maintenance. Lifts in accordance with the function and shape can generally be divided into: two columns, four columns, scissors three categories.

Alignment Scissor Post Lift S-T8235

Alignment Scissor Post Lift S-T8235

Precautions for use

(1) The total mass of the vehicle can not be greater than the lifting capacity of the lift.

(2) Depending on the vehicle type and the parking position, try to make the center of gravity of the car closer to the center of gravity of the car; prevent the car from being too heavy. In order to open the car door, a certain distance should be left between the car and the car.

(3) Turn, telescope, adjust the lift arm to the designated position of the car chassis and contact with solid.

(4) before lifting the car, the operator should check whether there are obstacles around the car and the movement of personnel to prevent accidents.

(5) When lifting the car, it is necessary to raise and lower the car repeatedly when the car leaves the ground at a lower position. When there is no abnormal phenomenon, lift to the required height.

(6) After the car is lifted, it should be dropped onto the ratchet and locked immediately. 


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