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Bead Seater New Package

With more and more E-commerce become more and more popular ,both in China and Foreign countries !

In China many online platform, such as Taobao ,Jingdong ,Tianmao ,etc. Foreign countries also have ,such as Amazon ,Ebay,etc.

About foreign trade business like us, we also have many E-commerce customer ,they also sell our goods online !All these goods shipped by express,so requirement goods package too strong & good ,then can well protect our goods not broken !

Bead Seater

One day ,one our customer selling Tyre Demounting Tool &Tire Bead Beater online (ebay),they send me inquriy and requrie our Tyre Demounting Tool &Tire Bead Beater Carton need strong ,and then will purchase frequently !

According to customer need,we make new model,and 6 times improvement ,finally make new carton of Tyre Demounting Tool &Tire Bead Beater---is beauty,nice ,strong ,and good quality !After send them to customer ,and through market inspect,our product Tyre Demounting Tool &Tire Bead Beater very populr and sell well !

Thus both our customer and us get well improvement !


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