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Girls, why do not you communicate directly?

After sending sample PI to the customer, we do not wait for the customer to pay it.

Why not asking directly, “Are you too busy to forget or do you meet difficulty on the payment? Or do you have other concern of this order or do you have changed the plan now?”

If any question, please tell me and I promise not to urge you these days.

After sending order PI to the customer, we are keep waiting for the customer’s deposit.

Why not asking directly, “We can only proceed the order after receiving your deposit. Or the production time will be delayed. Therefore you need to take time to pay the deposit.”

If you want our products, pay us now!


The copy of the bill has passed and the shipping is coming to sea port.

The customer still does not pay the rest of order amount.

Why not asking directly, “Hey dear friend, if you do not pay the rest, it means that you break the contract as we agreed. You need to pay the extra demurrage. You must pay it within the two days.”

Take your time to pay it!


When you meet the customer, you do not know how to arrange the accommodation and also the meals.

Why not asking, “Dear customer, do you like eating fish or shrimp? Do you like eating spicy or vegetables? Is the standard cost of restaurant 200RMB/night or a more expensive room? You need to pay them by yourself. The money to come and go back.

You can ask your boss to pay it.


You just say what you think.

Everyone is come here for the business cooperation.

Do not be a shy person.

Do not think the face most important.

Everyone need to live their lives except for work.

Customer is the same with us.

Say simple and short words instead of long sentences.

Express your thoughts directly instead of round about.

We always said to be ourselves and not expect that everyone likes us. How can it change when comes on work?

We do not expect to catch every customer.

Doing business and cooperation also should be stressed right correspond.

We should match each other. We just do what we can do. We can not do that is out of our control.

There is old saying in China that strong twisted melon is really not sweet!

There are many people who reluctantly placed an order and the result is that both sides are beaten black and blue. Such examples are many in life.


These years, foreigners said Chinese people are shy and subtle to express something.

I know the words’ surface is like praise.

In fact, their real meaning is the way you do and say things are too around about.

So tired!

We do subtraction in our life.

We also do subtraction on job.

Really, the customer is just business.

So, be directly!

Let the business is just of business,

God's return to God.


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